In-House Graphics

Nixon & Vanderhye has an in-house Illustration Department and an in-house Litigation Support Department, both of which have talented and experienced illustrators and graphic designers.

In support of Nixon & Vanderhye's patent prosecution practice, the team quickly and efficiently prepares utility and design patent figures regardless of their complexity for our clients' patent applications. The team also prepares logos and design drawings for our clients' trademark applications. The team also creates graphics for examiner interviews and hearings at the Patent Office.

In support of Nixon & Vanderhye's litigation practice, the team develops illustrations, graphics, animations, boards, and physical models for use in court. The team also creates complex interactive patent technology tutorials in support of Markman proceedings.

Both teams have extensive capabilities to create visual presentations and animations for meetings, negotiations, hearings and trials, all of which provide significant benefits to our clients.

In addition, the team provides on-site trial support to streamline the complicated world of exhibits and courtroom technology and to present the visual story essential to success in today's courtroom.

View examples below:

Sample Patent Illustrations

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Sample Animations

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Aruba Connection Video Bleeding Patent Video Catamaran Video Capacitor Animation Video Engine Animation Video Settlement Video Window Video

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